Infant/Child Dedication



Infant/Child Dedication is the means by which parents publicly declare their commitment to begin raising their children in a Christ-centered environment. Dedications are celebrated in the context of worship as a sign that we, the Emmanuel Church Family and the larger Christian community, commit to partnering with parents, offering them prayerful support, guidance and encouragement as the family continues to grow in their connection to Christ.



Infant/Child dedication are for children two months to five years of age. Before dedicating a child at EBC, parents are required to complete our class entitled, Guidance for God’s Parents (GGP). The class is offered 2nd-Saturday from 10:00am – 2:30pm (See our schedule below). The fee for the class is $25.00 for the first adult and $10.00 for each additional adult associated with a child. We encourage both parents to attend; however, at least one parent must be in attendance. We also welcome the attendance of godparents and grandparents, though they are not obligated to be present.



Advance registration is required. Parents should complete the registration form using the link below. Someone will be in contact with you after reserving you registration. Please allow 3 to five business days.


Scheduling of the Ceremony: 

On the registration form please state the desired ceremony month. Please note that you are not guaranteed your first choice but we will work to honor your request. Dedications are held on the 4th-Sunday of each month during our 9:00am worship experience (Holidays are excluded).
(The maximum number of families per service = (4) four).



November 12th @ 10:00am
January 14th @ 10:00am
March 11th @ 9am – 12pm
May 13th @ 9am – 12pm
June 10th @ 10:00am
August 12th @ 10:00am
September 9th @ 10:00am


For more information about GUIDANCE FOR GOD’S PARENTS sessions or our Dedication Services, please contact:



November 27th @ 9:00am

January 22nd @ 9:00am

March 26th @ 9:00am

June 25th @ 9:00am

May 28th @ 9:00am

August 27th @9:00am

September 24th @ 9:00am


Min. Patricia Huggins
Phone: (718) 622-1107, ext. 120