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Marriage between a man and a woman is esteemed to be one of God’s most profound expressions of love. The commitment, established through declarations of love and promises of faithfulness a man and woman make to one another, is regarded in scripture as being reminiscent of the spiritual union between Christ Jesus and the Church.



In order to be wedded at Emmanuel or by one of our associate ministers (ordained clergy), couples must attend and complete PREMARITAL PLUNGE; a small-group style pre-marriage session wherein engaged couples and couples contemplating marriage explore and discuss matters that have been found to have a profound impact on the marital relationship. These full-day sessions are held quarterly on a designated Saturday. The fee for the session is $50.00 per couple and is applied to help offset the cost of the session. Please complete the registration form and you will be contacted within 3 to 5 business days. For more information please email


Minister Bianca Baird, Associate Pastor
Phone: (718) 622-1107, ext. 120



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(Summer 2016 – Summer 2017)

July 2016

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April 2017


Scheduling the Ceremony:

After completing PREMARITAL PLUNGE, the couple will once again be put in contact with a Ceremony Administrator who will assist in scheduling a ceremony at Emmanuel or arranging for one of Emmanuel’s clergy to perform the ceremony at an alternate location. The Ceremony Administrator will also establish a time for the couple to come in and formalize the terms of the wedding agreement. The signed agreement is to be accompanied by a $500.00 deposit.



All other costs/fees associated with the ceremony will be determined and noted in the agreement. All fees are to be paid in full one (1) month prior to the ceremony. To make wedding arrangements, please contact EBC’s Ceremony Administrator:


Joanne Badcombe
Phone:  (718) 622-1107, ext. 124