Experience The Presence of God Through the Sounds of Jazz!

Launching in 2012, the Emmanuel Baptist Church Jazz Vespers has quickly grown to become a musical experience that people look forward to coming to praise God and enjoy a variety of jazz music stylings. Currently in its 3rd year, the Jazz Vespers series continues to secure well-respected jazz musicians that bring an unmistakable feeling of celebration for God and the jazz art form. With artists expressing themselves both through passionate singing and instrumentation, everyone leaves uplifted, fulfilled, and eagerly awaiting the next Vespers.


“This is an outstanding opportunity for everyone from our New York City community to worship in a relaxed setting and find God in the spacious freedom of jazz music.  It is a musical tradition that gives us a voice to the hopes, dreams, frustrations and pain that expresses the human experience. Simply put, Jazz is the musical incense that collects and carries the prayers of a people.” stated Reverend Anthony L. Trufant, Senior Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Past performers have included Antonio Hart, Jason Marshall, Tom Guarna, Naomi Johnson, Debbie Carter, Jimmy Heath, Wycliffe Gordon, Aziza, Winard Harper, Jelle Posse, and Camille Thurman.


Jazz Vespers takes place at Emmanuel Baptist Church Wednesday, December 31, 2014 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (EST)



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