march, 2018

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1mar7:00 pmChosen: Women's Ministry Meetings
2mar7:30 pm20.30 Something Meeting
2mar7:30 pmYLE Teen Canteen
3mar11:00 amMinistry Ambassador Meeting
3mar5:30 pmConnection Remix Service: Lord's Supper
4mar9:00 amSunday Worship Services: Lord's Supper
8mar7:00 pmFrontliner General Meeting
9mar7:30 pm20.30 Something Meeting
10mar8:00 amPrime Time Monthly Meeting
11mar9:00 amSunday Worship Services: Intercessory Prayer
12mar6:45 pmMomentum: 40 & 50 Group
15mar7:00 pmChosen: Women's Ministry Meetings
16mar7:30 pm20.30 Something Meeting
17mar3:00 pmChat and Chew
17mar5:30 pmConnection Remix Service
18mar9:00 amSunday Worship Services: Right Hand of Fellowship/New Members
18mar12:45 pmFrontliners Alternative Quick Meet
22mar7:00 pmFrontliner General Meeting
23mar7:30 pm20.30 Something Meeting
24mar5:30 pmConnection Remix Service
25mar9:00 amSunday Worship Services: Palm Sunday - Infant Dedication
26mar6:45 pmMomentum: 40 & 50 Group
28mar7:30 pmHoly Wednesday - Service @ 7:30PM
29mar7:30 pmMaundy Thursday - Service @ 7:30PM
30mar12:00 pmGood Friday @ 12:00PM
31mar5:30 pmConnection Remix Service