After a new believer/member has been baptized and receives the Right-Hand of Fellowship at our Twice Born Celebration, he/she will be encouraged to continue in their New Member Small Group or given the opportunity to foster a connection with another Small Group of their choosing. Through our Small Group Ministry, each new believer/member will learn how to share his/her faith struggles and successes, pray for himself/herself and others, and to minister to the needs of others who are part of his/her Small Group.

Each new believer/member will be given sufficient opportunity to mix and mingle with others in larger Small Group ministry events, which will be convened on a quarterly basis.

At the same time, each believer will be expected to enroll in and complete DDI courses. DDI offers all its participants the invaluable opportunity to continue their spiritual growth in Christ Jesus through biblically based studies geared toward real-life application of God’s word.

Lifecycle Ministries @ EBC were created to provide a space in which the worshipping community can come together to experience the blessing of Christian friendship. Through participation in a fellowship ministry, you will find ears to listen, shoulders on which to lean, hands to hold, judgment suspended and works that affirm, comfort and encourage. Lifecycle Ministries are not restricted to members of EBC. They are designed for all to experience community, as Christ intended, through the bond of brotherly and sisterly love.

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