PrimeTime Ministry

Mission Statement

Prime Time is an intentional ministry designed by, with, and for older adults 50 and over in our church and community. It seeks to promote and enhance the well being of all its members in areas affecting their physical, socioeconomic and spiritual needs. Meeting monthly, Prime Time commits itself to serving God by developing initiatives and programs which fosters spiritual growth, positive intergenerational relations, biblically based financial planning, life cycle health and supportive services, Christian recreational/social interactions, and continued educational opportunities.


About Prime Time

Prime Time Ministry kicked off on January 22, 2000, the coldest day of the season (ice and snow) with more than 90 persons in attendance — the oldest being 92. Until then, Emmanuel did not have an older adult ministry. As a church we are called to respond to the needs of all the people at every phase of their life cycle. So it was that Sr. Pastor AnthonyL. Trufant called upon Rev. Rose Jones-Wilson, Associate Pastor, to organize the older adult ministry.

To start, she developed and circulated questionnaires to 150 older adult members to access their needs and concerns. She established a steering committee to help shape the ministry, set goals and objectives, and to identify resources. Specific ministries were set up under five primary areas of needs, namely, Education, Finance, Health/Supportive Services, Recreation/Social and Spirituality. These ministries, some overlapping, serve as umbrellas over areas affecting the physical, socioeconomic and spiritual needs of the ministry. To date, three new ministries have been added – Hospitality, Intergenerational and Employment opportunities. Prime Time members freely choose the ministry on which they wish to serve. Membership is over 200 and growing.

Prime Time Ministries

CONTACT: Terri Canady (Interim Director) (718) 622-1107 ext. 119

Intergenerational Ministry

Provides ways for older adults to share their faith journey with children, youth, and young adults
Fosters intergenerational experiences to educate all age groups on how to grow old with dignity and satisfaction.

Encourages children and youth to make a difference by visiting and performing services of entertainment (singing and dancing) to residents of nursing homes.

Community Folklore/Heritage

To help identify, document and share/present the traditions and tradition bearers “discovered” in our family, and neighborhood, of the participating elders and young people.

Employment And Career Development Ministry

To develop a forum for Prime Timers to share their experiences, skills and career expertise through community service, volunteerism, workshop and opportunities to secure part-time and full-time employment.

This ministry’s goals will also include:

  • Providing workshops and support in job preparedness, resume development and job referral service.
  • Providing mentoring support that enhances the older worker’s ability to enter and succeed in the 21st Century workforce.
  • To develop a volunteer team that will support Prime Time Community Service activities, Inter-Generational activities and special initiatives and EBC volunteers needs

A Grandparent as Parent again Enlightenment Ministry (A.G.A.P.E.)
To help identify needs and concerns of grandparents rearing grandchildren (GRG)
To serve as a catalyst between GRG and Grandparent Resource Center (GRC)
To make referrals to the appropriate agencies where grandparents’needs can be met
To contact appropriate agencies to obtain resources and facilitators for workshops and/or recreational activities
Provide a Mentoring Program for grandparents under 50 rearing grandchildren

Education Ministry

Invite special speakers to speak on various issues involving “The Aging Process” i.e.,” what happens as the body ages — emotionally, mentally and spiritually”
Provides seminars on Elder Law (wills, trusts, power of attorney, guardianship, and special needs trust, long term health care, funeral and burial expenses)
Provides learning opportunities in classroom setting, such as, learning basic computer skills, email and internet
Health and Supportive Services Ministry
Provides health fairs and seminars on issues of health awareness such as:
Blood pressure
Breast and cervical cancer
Dental care
Nutrition, etc.
Provides for care-giving seminars on:
How to provide care for aging parents/spouse
How to obtain available resource for families coping with Alzheimer’s/Dementia
How to join support groups and take care of the care-giver (self)

Recreation/Social Ministry

Provides opportunities to participate in physical fitness exercise through learning the art of Tai Chi
Share fellowship meals and monthly birthday celebrations
Participate in fine arts listen to music, sing, group dance, tell stories
Use one’s hands in arts and crafts – doll making, knitting, crocheting, etc.
Take group trips to the theatre
Take day trips
Travel/vacation together in the United States and abroad
Participate in creative writing classes
Have essay books of your writings published
Become a member of the book club
Learn bridge
Join the bowling league

Finance Ministry

Invites speakers and provide seminars on retirement planning, estate planning and investment planning

Spirituality Ministry

Provides opportunities to continue spiritual development through
Weekly daytime Bible study (TLC ministry)
Worship at each Fellowship meeting by participation in devotionals, spiritual reflections,
inspirational messages, testimonies, and prayer partnership
Donates and delivers Christmas gifts to older sick and shut-in members of the congregation, to nursing homes and to Sr. citizen centers

Hospitality Ministry

Provides for the reception and entertainment of our members at each Prime Time Fellowship meeting through the courtesies of:
Securing food and hosting(continental breakfast/lunch)
Selecting healthy foods
Being attentive to new members

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