Corporate Worship is the context in which seekers will be evangelized, especially at our 5pm service on Saturdays and our 9 am & 11 am services on Sundays, so as to encourage them to make decisions for Jesus Christ.

Additionally, corporate worship is the context in which believers, who are not attached to any other Christian fellowship, will be encouraged to make the decision to continue their growth in this fellowship of faith.

Equally important, corporate worship is the context in which believers will continue to deepen their faith. Coupled with corporate worship is personal worship in the form of a daily devotion. Having a time of daily devotion is an essential element in the life of every believer as it helps in fostering your personal relationship with God. Additionally, personal worship enhances corporate worship. Think of it as the fuel additive that keeps your spiritual fire burning long and strong.

The “Gather” Ministries of Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC) are those groups who are dedicated to presenting a worship experience whose aim is the glorification of GOD through excellence in ministry.

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