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“Review the Year” By Rev. Jocelyn Mann – Proverbs 16:3 and Jeremiah 29:11

Dec 28, 2021 | Devotionals, Pastor's Blogs

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GOD’S GONNA’ COME THROUGH! by Rev. Anthony L. Trufant

Let me let you in on one of my secrets: I hate to make promises. Over the years, I have learned that sometimes I failed to fulfill promises because I either forgot or was blocked by unforeseen circumstances. For some, that’s par for the course for everybody. After...

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Friday, June 25, 2021 Lamentations 5:1-22, MSG MSG: 1 “Remember, God, all we’ve been through. Study our plight, the black mark we’ve made in history. 2 Our precious land has been given to outsiders, our homes to strangers. 3 Orphans we are, not a father in sight, and...

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