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“Putting It All In God’s Hands!” By Rev. Anthony L. Trufant

Jun 3, 2022 | Devotionals, Pastor's Blogs

Putting It All In God’s Hands!

Into whose hands do you entrust precious, personal items for safekeeping? You might answer that what the personal items are influences and determines to whom you will trust them. To a next-door neighbor, perhaps you have given a spare key to your home in case of an emergency. To a trusted relative or close friend, maybe you have entrusted them with a lockbox with all your important papers. To your attorney, possibly you have given a will spelling out your wishes regarding who and how much your loved ones will receive after you die. Maybe your precious and personal items include an order to buy or sell a particular set of stocks to your broker; a transcript of your deepest secrets, greatest fears, and highest hopes to your therapist; or to a significant other, a promise and commitment to grow together in a trusting, transformative relationship?

There is a more pivotal and profound question we must ask and answer multiple times each day: Have you learned to entrust your life into God’s hands from the time we awake to the time we return home at the end of the day? There are some things God has entrusted into our hands to handle. Yet, for other things which matter the mostlike our history, safety, and destinyonly God qualifies to manage them. God has proven to be trustworthy across the years. Besides, only God knows who and what we have faced and will face from one moment to another. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to not pray daily the words of Psalms 31:15, NRSV:  My [and our] times are in your hand

Remember that whatever happens today and every tomorrow is in God’s hands and so are you

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